How to Find the Best Beat For You With Minimal Cost and Time!

Are you ready to blow up on the internet with your next Mixtape, Single, or EP?

Internet is swamped producers, and the choices are many. As the old saying goes, when you have too many choices, it becomes even more stressful to find the right one. Type in “Instrumental Rap Beats,” and you will have more than 14 million results!

I will show you the SECRET STRATEGY that will instantaneously help you find the beat that are super high quality, yet undiscovered by many.

Without the strategy that I am about to share with you, if you search with a generic search keywords, you will absolutely meet with the following challenges ahead of you.

Overuse of Popular Producers and Popular Beats:

THIS MAY BE THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE FOR YOU! Type in a generic sesarch keyword on Youtube, such as “Migos Type Beat,”  and you will see hundreds of beats that have more than 100k views. What does that mean? The beats have either already been used by thousands of rappers,or  have already been exclusively purchased by another rapper. Even if the beat is available, the producer of the certain beat you would like to use probably will be asking for a huge amount of down pay as there are high demands of a lease on that particular beat.

Oversaturation of Low-quality Beats:

We are not here to turn down anyone on the Internet, but 80% of the beats that are uploaded are hobbyist producers with not many experiences in producing, and thus the quality is low. 80% of the beats that are uploaded are producers who are hobbyists, and not that we are turning down everyone, but there are no restrictions or terms on the Internet who can upload beats and who cannot. In result, with the enormous growth of online producers (both great ones and bad ones), came with enormous growth of both high and low quality beats. It takes so much time to filter out all these low quality beats.

  • Lack of Your Artistic Direction:
  • Have you ever really contemplated about what your persona as an artists is going to be? If yes, good for you! However, 90% of the rappers probably have not gone through this self-contemplation process at all. But this is the most important part before handpicking the right beat for your next mixtape, single, EP, or an album. In order to stand out amongst millions of other rappers, you need a serious amount of time in self-reflecting, and self-contemplating of who you are as an artists and how you would like to portray it into mass amount of people. The more you stand out from the crowd, the more likely you will be noticed by the massive amount of people. This is called self-branding, which we will go further into it in the future blog posts. Today, let’s focus on finding the right beat for now.


    To find the right beat, you need to know what you want in the first place! This is the most important first step in filtering out millions of beats on the Internet, to find what you need for next beat. In next series of posts, we will discuss more about this topic, and dive into the importance of self-branding. But for today, I will provide you the magical formula that will help you find the perfect beat for your next mixtape.





    That’s your magic search keywords. You are about to just save days or even weeks of your time by just typing this keyword, compared to rappers who just type in generic keywords, such as “instrumental hip hop beat,” “hip hop beat,” “rap beat,” “type beat 2018.” Get it?

    It is very important that you search with a very specific keywords as it will yield:

    1) More definite style that are in your favor
    2) The more likely that you will find the beats that have not yet been discovered by the massive people
    3) The more likely Youtube will list out the beats that have received a good amount of likes and comments with the video on the first 50 listings.

    The longer, and more specific your search keywords are, the more likely you will weed out the challenges and the more beats you will find that are fitting.

    I will create an example search keyword here. Let’s say that you are a rapper who is an Emo, likes Migos, and like Boombap beat. I’ve chosen three keywords that are not related on purpose, just to show you how well this formula will work on your next findings. So, here is a search keyword.

    “Energetic Migos Type Trap Beat”

    Now you are ready to enter search keywords and handpick the beats.


    Search your long, specific search keyword on Youtube.

    Youtube is by far the best platform that you will find the right type beat for your next Mixtape, Single, or an Album. Why? Youtube is the #2 most used search engine with a very complex search algorithm developed by Google. Makes sense? Youtube search results are accurate, because they take count in a lot of different factors, and how the viewers are reacting to the video.

    In summary, they take in count of these four major factors:

    1) Keyword Relevance 2) Upload date 3) View count 4) Rating.

    With your long, specific search keyword, you will see the beats that are high quality, but low views on the first 30 pages most likely. Because these long, specific search keywords are not generally sought after by many people. The demand for these keywords are low.

    So.. what’s left? The RATING.

    Youtube’s algorithm will list out beats with low view counts, but have a very, very good viewers interaction (meaning that they received a lot of likes already).

    It is especially hard to get likes with low views.

    But what we are seeing is beats with high amount of likes in a very low views. Which means, the ones that are highly ranking on these search results are going to be super high quality..

    Here is the search results I’ve got with the search keyword. I was quite surprised by the results. There were thousands of search results that came up with the exact style that I was looking for, an “Energetic Migos Type Trap Beat.” Almost all of them fit into the exact category that I was looking for. They were all trap beats sounding like Migos, had energetic vibes.

    Not only that, most of these search results had less than thousand views, if not about 10,000~100,000 views at most. However, I’ve listened to most of these beats and their production quality was amazing, because most of had low views, but high amount of LIKES! Because these beats are straight fire, the viewers are giving them a high amount of upvote.

    Try it for yourself.

    WIth this Strategy, you will have 3 advantages for your next mixtape.

  • 1. High-quality, yet undiscovered Beat
  • 2. Save Money: High leverage on your-end for exclusive right purchase, as these beats have not gained a mass recognition -> low price! 


    3. Save Time: Save tons of time in digging through hundreds of generic beats, by having a specific search demand and result.

    See it for yourself how many amazing new, high-quality beats you will find with this strategy!

    You will be blown away.

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